Heineken Worlds Apart brings people together

Heineken Worlds Apart brings people together


Heineken® has launched a new Open Your World campaign in the UK to promote openness as a value that helps break through the barriers that divide us. For more than 150 years Heineken® has stood for openness, believing that the simple act of sitting down and having a conversation over a beer, helps bring people together. Now Heineken® is putting it to the test with a new campaign which aims to explore if the benefit of finding common ground with one another, can ultimately lead people to be more open. The campaign kicks off with a social experiment that features real people. ‘Worlds Apart’, a real-life social experiment that puts together two total strangers that are divided by their beliefs, meeting for the first time. What happens when you bring together a feminist, and an anti-feminist? A transgender person and a guy who struggles to understand the category. Or a climate change activist with someone who thinks the whole idea is “piffle”? Heineken® sets out to prove that when you see past the labels, even the most divided groups can come together to find common ground. Apart from Heineken Worlds Apart commercial, the campaign includes a study let by Goldsmiths University on the Science of Common Ground, an employee ‘Mix It Up’ campaign and Facebook Chatbot that connects people from diverse backgrounds.

Heineken Worlds Apart

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