Allegro Costume Party – what do you wish for?

Allegro Costume Party – what do you wish for?


Polish auction website Allegro has released “Costume Party”, the latest commercial asking the question, “Czego szukasz?” (What are you looking for?). The Allegro Costume Party commercial shows a mother discovering that her devotion to her daughter has made a deeper impact than she knew. When the young girl goes shopping with her mother in preparation for a costume party she realises that her chosen outfit has already been picked by a classmate. The mother proceeds to stretch the bounds of her creativity to craft a unique ensemble. The little girl remains fickle with the wide array of options, turning down thoughtfully handmade getups ranging from a dinosaur, rain cloud, bumblebee, mummy and astronaut. The mother is perplexed when the little girl requests a simple red dress and a string of pearls until she realizes that it was she that her daughter was idolizing all along.

Allegro Mother Daughter

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